Lee Roy


Male Rottweiler for adoption

Male Rottweiler for adoptionI met 3 year old LeeRoy at an "annex" building to a rescue with over 300 dogs in Texas. LeeRoy is silly and sweet, dog social, friendly and loves a good belly rub! I immediately sang "LeeRoy boy, you're my friend" to him. 

LeeRoy comes with baggage. He will hit the dirt if you swat at a mosquito. He does not like being manhandled. He will guard his food bowl like it's the last meal he'll ever get. He's not great at the vet. 

LeeRoy, on the other hand, will play ball for hours and regards any obstacle as a challenge between him and his tennis ball. For a 90 lb dog, he leaps through the air over rocks, squeezes under the boat, bangs a sharp U turn around a tree - just throw the ball! (which he will retriever, and give you back). He loves to play with water - he bites the water from the hose, and enjoys a cool shower on a hot day. He probably swims, but we haven't taken him there yet. 

LeeRoy is "a lot of dog". He is strong willed and has a true Rottweiler temperament. He walks well on lead and knows commands. Kids over 14 for LeeRoy. Cats possible. LeeRoy's adoption fee is waived for the right family, because there is one out there. S/he is just like me (Dale). 
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