What Does This Mean?
"title definitions"


CH. - Champion

FC - Field Champion

NOC -  National Obedience Champion

OTCH - Obedience Trial Champion

MACH - Master Agility Champion

HC - Herding Champion

DC - Dual Champion (Ch. & FC)

TC - Triple Champion ( Ch., FC & OTCH)

CT - Champion Tracker (TD, TDX & VST)

CD - Companion Dog

CDX - Companion Dog Excellent

PT  - Pre-Trial Tested

HS - Herding Started

HI - Herding Intermediate

HX - Herding Excellent

HT - Herding Tested

UD - Utility Dog

UDX - Utility Dog Excellent

TD - Tracking Dog

TDX - Tracking Dog Excellent

VST - Variable Surface Tracker


UDTD (UDT) - Utility Dog Tracking Dog, Utility Dog Tracking

UDXTD - Utility Dog Excellent Tracking Dog

NA - Novice Agility

UDTDX - Utility Dog Tracking Dog Excellent

OA - Open Agility

OAJ - Open Agility Jumper

NAJ - Novice Agility Jumper

AXJ - Excellent Agility Jumper  

AX - Agility Excellent

UDXTDX - Utility Dog Excellent Tracking Dog Excellent

MX -Master Agility Excellent

MXJ - Master Agility Jumper

UDVST - Utility Dog Variable Surface Tracking

UDXVST  - Utility Dog Excellent Variable Surface Tracking

CGC  - Canine Good Citizen

TT Temperment Test

RTD  - Registered Therapy Dog

TDI - Therapy Dog International

VCD1 - Versatile Companion Dog
'Must complete CD, NA, NAJ, TD'

VCD2 - Versatile Companion Dog 2
'Must complete CDX, OA, OAJ, TD'

VCD3 - Versatile Companion Dog 3

VCD4 - Versatile Companion Dog 4
'Must complete UDX, MX, MXJ, VST'




FCI-recognized title(show): (Both males and females compete for these titles)

WS’(year)  - World Sieger /Siegerin (Sieger means Champion-male)

WJS’(year)  = World Youth Sieger (Siegerin means Champion-female)

ES’(year)  - Europa Sieger

JS’(year)  - Europa Youth Sieger

IntCh -  International Champion

IFR-Sgr’(year)  - IFR int’l Show Sieger/Siegerin


International-recognized titles(working/obedience):

SchHI - First level of Schutzhund title-(tracking, obedience,& protection in all levels)

SchHII -Second or Intermediate level of Schutzhund

SchHIII - Third and most Advanced level of Schutzhund

FH I - Advanced Tracking

FH II -Most Advanced Tracking

BH - Begleithunde(Companion Dog) Obedience and Traffic sure

WH - Watchunde (Watchdog) test for basic alertness

AD - Endurance test (usually a 10 mile run)

SchH A - Obedience and Protection of SchHI

IPO I - Beginning level of Schutzhund outside of Germany Internationally recognized

IPO II - Intermediate level (as above)

IPO III -Advanced level (as above)

WPO I - Beginning level of police and Customs Dog test

WPO II - Advanced level (as above)

VPGI - Beginning Schutzhund title

VPGII - Intermediate Schutzhund title

VPGIII - Advanced Schutzhund title



Working titles from other countries

IWT I,II,&III (Africa) IPO equivalent

FHA I,II,& III (Austria) Schutzhund equivalent

Cereco/IWR I,II,& III (Belgium) IPO equivalent

ZVV I, II,&III (Czech. Rep.) Schutzhund equivalent

BHP I ,II,&III (Denmark) Schutzhund

SPH (Denmark) FH equivalent

PD (England) FH equivalent

SK I (Finland) IPO I equivalent

VH I, II,&III (Holland) Schutzhund equivalent

SPH (Holland) FH equivalent

SZL I, II,&III (Hungary) Schutzhund equivalent

ZVV I, II,&III (Hungary) Schutzhund equivalent

Brevetto I, II,&III (Italy) Schutzhund equivalent

ZVV I, II,&III (Poland) Schutzhund equivalent

SchH I, II,&III (Switzerland) Schutzhund equivalent

CAB I, II,&III (Yugoslavia) Schutzhund equivalent


USRC-recognized titles/ratings/certifications:(United States Rottweiler Club)

BST -Breed suitability test

ABST -Advanced breed test

LBST -Lifetime breed test

NSchHCH(yearly) - USRC National Schutzhund Champion

NS(yearly) -Sieger/Siegerin-won at National Sieger show

NYS(yearly) - Youth Sieger/Siegerin-won at National Sieger show

RS(yearly) - Regional Sieger/Siegerin-won at Regional Sieger show

RYS(yearly) -Regional Youth Sieger/Siegerin-won at Regional Sieger show

SA- Select Adult-won at club’s conformation show

SY- Select youth-won at club’s conformation show

V, SG, & G -rating awarded at a USRC conformation show for 24 months or older


ADRK-(Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub)-titles/ratings/certification:

ZTP-Zuchttauglichkeitsprufung-ADRK breed test

Gekort bis(dated)- Korung/Advanced breed test

Gel bis EzA- Korung/lifetime breed test

DPO I, II, & III- service dog beginning, intermediate &advanced

PSP I, II, & III- police protection beginning, intermediate & advanced

BLH or BIH- blind leader dog

LawH or LwH- avalanche dog

RH or RtH- rescue dog

MilDH- military service dog

DM FH(year)- Deutsch Meistershaft FH Champion/tracking

DM SchH(year)-Deutsch Meistershaft Schutzhund Champion

BpDH 1 & 2- railway police dog

DH- service dog

DPH- service police dog

PFP 1 & 2-police tracking dog

PH-police dog

ZFH- customs tracking dog

ZH 1,2 & 3-customs dog


Show titles:(both male and female compete)

KS(yearly)- ADRK klub sieger show winner

KJS(yearly)- ADRK klub youth show winner

BS(yearly)- ADRK Bundesieger winner

BJS(yearly)- ADRK youth Bundesieger winner

V,SG,& G - ratings awarded at ADRK shows(conformation-24 months and older

OS(yearly)- Austrian sieger

OKS(yearly)- Austrian klub sieger

OBS(yearly)- Austrian Bundesieger

OBJS(yearly)- Austrian youth Bundesieger



Sieger show ratings are translated as follows: German-style conformation (American Rottweiler Verein)


VP-Very Promising




Adult Dogs:

V-Vorzuglich (Excellent)

SG-Sehr Gut (Very Good)

G-Gut (Good)

S-Genugent (Satisfactory)

U-Ungenugend (Unsatisfactory)


What is Schutzhund?

There are three levels of Schutzhund (I, II and III) with increasing difficulty at each level. Schutzhund is a sport which involves tracking, obedience and protection. Tracking proves the dog's ability to use its olfactory senses to follow a scent trail. Obedience demonstrates the dog's willingness to obey commands and be a working partner to his or her handler.

The protection phase, the most misunderstood part of Schutzhund, tests the dog's willingness to protect himself and/or his owner against attack. A Schutzhund dog is a sport dog. The sport of Schutzhund is designed to show a dog that is sound in nerve, temperament and body. Schutzhund is actually a high caliber temperament test. A true Schutzhund dog is equally as comfortable in a kindergarten class as he is on the protection field.

Interestingly, in Germany, a Schutzhund degree, as well as the mandatory ZTP, is required on at least one parent before a breeding is allowed. This requirement promotes correct working drives in the Rottweiler, thus eliminating unsatisfactory temperament from being bred.


What is a ZTP?

Zuchttauglichkeitsprufung (called the ZTP or BST) translates as "breeding suitability test," and certifies that a Rottweiler is acceptable as breeding stock. In Germany, a Rottweiler must attain this degree before being bred. The dog to be tested must be at least 18 months of age and be tattooed. The dog must not have any disqualifying faults according to the January 16, 1996, FCI standard. The dog must have successfully completed a VDH sanctioned BH. The ZTP is provisionally awarded until the dog attains OFA certification or has ADRK HD hip approval.

There are several phases in the ZTP. First, the dog is measured and weighed. A conformation critique is given, which includes the dog's eye color and any abnormalities in dentition.

The dog then performs a light obedience pattern during which a gun is fired twice, to test the dog's sureness in the face of noise. The dog must heel through a crowd and allow several people to close in on him without a display of fear or unwarranted aggression.

The dog is then rated on the characteristics of self sufficiency, temperament, tractability, courage, protection drive, excitability, fearlessness, attentiveness, mistrust, fighting drive, and hardness. All of these, plus the reaction to the gunshots, are noted on the dog's ZTP form, along with his measurements and critique, which is kept on record and entered into the K�rbuch. The ZTP is imperative to preserve the correct Rottweiler in both conformation and character, and is highly recommended for all dogs before breeding.

In addition to the gun sureness test and the crowd test, a courage test is also performed. In the courage test, the Rottweiler must bite the padded sleeve on the agitator's arm, take threats of two hits over the withers with a padded stick, be driven in the fight, and release the sleeve upon command at least once during the exercises. Then the Rottweiler must guard the agitator until the judge signals the handler to pick up his dog.


What is a BBT?

The ARV offers the BBT to test the temperament and breed suitability of Rottweilers whose owners have chosen not to perform grip or protection work, or who do not have a convenient place to train their dog for protection work. The dog does not need to have completed a . The BBT is comparable to the ZTP in all other respects. Additional temperament tests are given which include an unfriendly stranger who approaches the dog and retreats without any physical contact.

Dogs to be tested for the BBT must be at least 18 months of age. The dogs must also be tattooed and have no disqualifying faults according to the January 16, 1996, FCI standard. The BBT is only provisionally awarded until the dog attains OFA certification or has ADRK HD hip certification.


What is a K�RUNG?

The K�rung is an advanced breeding suitability test for the very best Rottweilers who have already achieved their ZTP. To apply, the dog must have an eye color of 3A or darker and their mouths must be at least fifty percent dark. The dog must have received conformation ratings of SG or V at least three times by at least two different judges.

Males are required to be titled through Schutzhund III and have attained an AD. Males must be at least thirty-six months of age. Females must have at least a Schutzhund I and be at least thirty months of age.

Rottweilers that pass this test are endorsed for a two year period. At the end of that time, the dog can take the K�rung test again and must additionally provide proof of correct progeny. If the dog passes the second time, it is endorsed for breeding until the age of nine years for males and eight years for females, at which time the dog is to be retired.

How are German-style conformation shows different?


In German-style conformation shows, a dog is exhibited naturally. Hand stacking, such as seen in the AKC ring, is not promoted. Instead, the dog, is brought to an alert, natural stance by a second handler who attracts the dog with a toy or ball from outside the ring while the judge critiques the dog. The judge often speaks into a microphone so that everyone can hear, see and understand the dog's good points and faults, if any. After all the dogs have been critiqued, the judge will have them trot around the ring, looking for a powerful and athletic dog who also fulfills the conformation requirements to be considered a complete Rottweiler.

As the judge verbally critiques a dog, a typist records his or her exact words. A typed and signed critique for each dog entered. Copies are kept by the judge. The original copy is given to the owner to display.

Each dog in the class receives a rating. There is a special class for Rottweilers with a Schutzhund title which is called the Gebrauchshund class.


The explanations of the previous titles were "borrowed" from The American Rottweiler Verein’s website with The Rottweiler Chronicles thanks!



To receive the CGC award, dogs take the 10 item Canine Good Citizen Test. Items on the test include:

Test 1. Accepting a Friendly Stranger
Test 2. Sitting Politely for Petting
Test 3. Appearance and Grooming
Test 4. Out for a Walk (walk on a loose leash)
Test 5. Walking Through a Crowd
Test 6. Sit and Down on Command/Staying in Place
Test 7. Coming When Called
Test 8. Reaction to Another Dog
Test 9. Reactions to Distractions
Test 10. Supervised Separation

 Health certifications:

OFA -(Orthopedic FoundationFor Animals)-hips,elbow, thyroid & heart
CERF-(eye certification)
HD-orHD+/- ADRK hip rating
A or B - FCI hip rating




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