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New England Rottweiler Fanciers (NERF)
2008 Fall Sieger Show
October 4th & 5th, 2008
Judge: Catherine Thompson, AKC


Sieger: '07 Ontario Sgr, NERF Sgr'07, USRC YS'06, Kr�ftig Highlanders Deutsch
Siegerin: NERF Sgrn'07, NERF YS'06 Kr�ftig Highlanders Dyna
Youth Sieger: Rott Irons Royal Dynasty
Youth Siegerin: Meeka Vom Maegdeberg
Best Puppy Dog: Kr�ftig Crni Fuego
Best Puppy Bitch: Kr�ftig Wunder von Alpha


P1 Achilles von der Aunkst
Owner: Natalie Cswertek


VP1 Von Ruelmann's Xtreme Encounter
Owners: Jose Carreiro, Rosa Carreiro
P2 Elton Vonder Muhlbachstrasse
Owner: John George
P3 Tylaur's Iroqouis Dream Catcher
Owners: Laura Johnson, Mary Lathlean
P4 Neeku
Owner: Kenneth Jordan


VP1 Kr�ftig Crni Fuego � Best Puppy Dog
Owners: Sylvie D'Auteuil, Janin Beland
VP2 Ixman vom Cassanova
Owner: John George
P3 Vom Eschenhagen's Spirit Warrior
Owners: Jose Carreiro, Rosa Carreiro
P4 Star Von Warrior
Owners: Jaime Worrell, Elswith Worrell


SG1 Zoengel Dooley
Owners: Nicole Beauchamp, Josee Juteau
SG2 Barkley von Syramad
Owner: Wendy McGrath
SG3 Abel von Syramad
Owner: John Carden
SG4 Onques' Charmer Hans CGC
Owners: Scott Kovack, Lynn Kovack


SG1 Rott Irons Royal Dynasty � Youth Sieger
Owner: Beth Kelleher
SG2 Bruno Imo Pectore
Owner: Richard Morrow
SG3 Mustangs Crew Chief V Magic
Owners: Norma Hoffman, Carolann Carignan
SG4 Can CH, Int CH Black Moon's Praetorian Guard
Owner: Virginia L. Finis


V1 Arzadon Dammo
Owner: Voluer Czechowski
V2 Am CH Silverhill's on the Road Again
Owner: Beverly A Muzynski
SG3 Zoengel Cliff
Owner: Robert Fortin
SG4 YS'07 Achilles Vom Deutschem Erbe
Owner: Steven Rogers


V1 Can CH Prorot Khandy Xero Bill
Owner: Robert Fortin


SG1 Caius Vonder Frolikind BH, CGC, TT
Owners: Lynne Panno, Willie Bolduc


V1 '07 Ontario Sgr, NERF Sgr'07, USRC YS'06, Kr�ftig Highlanders Deutsch � Sieger
Owners: Sylvie D'Auteuil, Janin Beland


VP1 Kr�ftig Wunder von Alpha � Best Puppy Bitch
Owners: Sylvie D'Auteuil, Janin Beland
P2 Van Sam's Living the Dream
Owner: Angela Heselton
P3 Van Sam's One Happy Island
Owner: Lisa Lackey
P4 Van Sam's The Beat Goes On
Owners: Amy Munn, Shawn Bates, Marie Grabowski


VP1 Necia von Scosher
Owner: Hunter Harris
VP2 Cashmere von Syramad
Owner: John George
P3 Tylaur's Pequots Peace Pipe
Owner: Laura Johnson
P4 Kaja vom Weisselfenbein
Owners: Nicholas Bonczek, Carson Bingaman


VP1 Castlerock Believe In Me
Owners: Amy Munn, Shawn Bates
P2 Olive vom Lomza
Owner: Alex Wisienski


SG1 Drybrucke's Alysheba
Owner: David R. York
SG2 Ginny Vom Schwarzen Hammer CGC, TT
Owners: Willie Bolduc, Lynne Panno
SG3 Prorot Sano Alice
Owner: Robert Fortin
SG4 Callista von Karmahaus
Owner: Karen M. Guilmette


SG1 Meeka Vom Maegdeberg � Youth Siegerin
Owner: Richard Morrow
SG2 Prorot Ramca Zouba
Owners: Robert Fortin, Jean Couture
SG3 Mustangs Daytona Magic RA, CGC
Owners: Carolann Carignan, Bryan Carignan
SG4 Kenya von Scosher
Owner: Scott Allen


V1 Can CH Prorot Talie
Owner: Nicole Beauchamp
SG2 Can CH Sable the Bombshell TDI, CGC
Owners: Amy Munn, Shawn Bates


V1 Von Wilhelms Jessica James
Owners: Denise Nardini, Bob Nardini
V2 Homestead's Simply Irizistible
Owners: Jose Carreiro, Rosa Carreiro
SG3 Homestead's Keep'n It Real CGC
Owners: Jose Carreiro, Rosa Carreiro
SG4 Wisterias's New Crimson Moon, CD, RN, TT, CGC
Owner: Maureen Sneyd


V1 USRC NE RYS'06 Olimpia dei Due Salici BH
Owner: Steve Wolfson
SG2 Von Hill Jade BH, CGC, TT
Owners: Lynne Panno, Willie Bolduc, Bruce Billings Jr.
SG3 Kriznik's Image of Faith CDX, OA, NAJ, RAE, BH, AD, TT, TDI, CGC, HIC
Owners: Andria Iadonisi, Ann Iadonisi


SG1 NE RYS'05 Am CH Rott Irons Nailbiting Finish BH, SCH III, IPO III, BST, AD, TR1, CD, CGC
Owners: Karen Hayes, Sean Hayes


V1 NERF Sgrn'07, NERF YS'06 Kr�ftig Highlanders Dyna � Siegerin
Owners: Sylvie D'Auteuil, Janin Beland

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Review of the 2008 NERF Seiger Show
by Karen Billings

Our Seiger Show was a hit this year on October 4th & 5th, 2008. We opened our show with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by Mirabelle, Johanna & Megan, followed by the Star Spangled Banner sung by 10 year old Megan Messina.

Once again we had lovely weather, warm enough for the humans, but cool enough for our Rottweilers. Bruce unloaded his truck with our supplies from our NERF shed early in the morning and the tent was erected with the expertise of Barnum & Bailey crew, and the ring set up. It was our 4th Seiger show and we had 80 entries, a good count considering the expense of gas and hotels during these days that we are tightening our belts. We had many Owners & Dogs come from other states, and again our friends from Canada, whom have supported 
us every year. 

Once again we had a good turn out of helpers from our membership. We also had non-member volunteers. Steve Wolfson loaned us his sound system and head phones, it was a lot easier for the judge to announce her critiques. Steve gave an informative power point presentation at our judges dinner. Our Judge was Cathy Thompson who managed to stay on her feet for two long days, and do a great job of critiquing.

Noreen Ruscito did all the typing for both days and proof read all critiques herself, for which we are most grateful. She volunteered for next year also. Cheryl was our chief Steward and kept our ring running in perfect precision. Roberta took in all the entries and entered them in the Computer and also completed the catalogue along with Margaret and her typing skills. Whew! that's a lot of work. Scotti Ferguson & Pamela Clement took care of our Ways & Means table and sold tickets for our raffle.

Margaret and Maureen did a great job choosing the trophies. They were lovely and stylish. Let us not forget the unbelievable Hospitality Bags. Maureen puts together the best gifts and goodies which every entrant looks forward to receiving. Margaret and her sister made sure that all entrants had their armbands and were recorded. Tracy Benson was our photographer and did an outstanding job of getting pictures of every dog and formatted them on a CD. Each dog has at the least three poses. I suggest purchasing a CD, and you will have a nice collection of Rottweilers to observe. We had our Rottweiler Rescue booths. Old friends and long time members, Pete & Leslie Maddocks visited, as did Jennie Burkhardt. What would our show be without food. Our chefs George & Jay had all the cooking under control, and cooked to perfection.

We are already starting to plan our next years Show. We already have pledges for donations, Will you pledge a donation and volunteer a couple hours of your time???. 

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